Stage stars takes place every Monday and Thursday at the Kings Centre, Upper George Street Tyldesley, M29 8HQ - it is an excellent venue that has a number of key facilities, including car parking & cafe.

The Sessions

Stage stars takes place every Monday and Thursday.

Monday 16:15 Mini's

Monday 17:15 Stage Stars

Thursday 16:15 Mini's

Thursday 17:15 Stage Stars

The Venue

The Kings Centre, Upper George Street Tyldesley, M29 8HQ

The Sessions

Stage Stars is a fantastic session that encourages and promotes confidence and self esteem through music and singing. 

The emphasis is on singing as a group, learning warm ups, vocal technique and harmony in a fun and inspiring way. 

From pop to musical theatre, Each session incorporates basic movement, performance tips and singing a variety of songs in the group, the children are encouraged to join in and sing together and even on their own, using the professional microphones and pa system!

For ages 7+

The Sessions


Stage Stars Mini's is a session that focuses on fun & confidence building.


Children are encouraged to sing and dance together, starting with basic vocal warm ups, singing and dancing to a wide variety of music. 


They also make use of pom-poms and colourful ribbons to ensure each session is fun & energetic, plus everyone is given the opportunity to sing songs using the microphone and pa system so they get to feel like a real pop star! 

Perfect for ages 7 and under!